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Traffic Stop
An elderly gentleman is stopped by the police around 2 a.m. and is asked where he is going at this t ...
11-18-2011 at 09:24
by: jasoncampbell72
Cowboy and the Pharmacist
A cowboy entered a pharmacy and asked the drugest for a dozen condoms.
The drugest asked "Would yo ...
11-18-2011 at 09:23
by: jasoncampbell72
Christmas Foursome
Four old-timers were playing their weekly game of golf, and one remarked how nice it would be to wak ...
11-14-2011 at 10:54
by: jasoncampbell72
Wrong One
The train was quite crowded and a U. S. Marine walked the entire length looking for a seat. There se ...
11-14-2011 at 10:52
by: jasoncampbell72
The Hypnotist
It was entertainment night at the Senior Centre. Claude, the hypnotist exclaimed “I’m here to pu ...
11-4-2011 at 08:36
by: jasoncampbell72
My biggest on camera ever!!!
He is a BEAST!!!! Good luck!!!:rock:
10-28-2011 at 07:21
by: jasoncampbell72
A driver was stuck in Washington D.C. in the worst traffic jam he had ever seen. Cars were stretched ...
10-28-2011 at 07:18
by: jasoncampbell72
71 and Pregnant
A woman went to the doctor's office where she was seen by one of the younger doctors. After about fo ...
10-28-2011 at 07:17
by: jasoncampbell72
Nose Jammer
ok I'm going to buy some of this stuff.. All these reviews have peek my interest..
10-28-2011 at 07:13
by: jasoncampbell72
The day has arrived!!!!
Happy Hunting
10-28-2011 at 07:10
by: jasoncampbell72
Life Changes
good luck..
10-28-2011 at 07:09
by: jasoncampbell72
Friday Fun
I took my dad to the mall the other day to buy some new shoes. We decided to grab a bite at the food ...
10-21-2011 at 07:01
by: jasoncampbell72
BBD's 2011 Journal
[quote][i]Originally posted by BBD[/i]
Well, last weekend the weather was windy as heck. I saw a f ...
10-21-2011 at 06:49
by: jasoncampbell72
WTW Fantasy Football Week 7
OK sulli where's the Tink Avatar
10-19-2011 at 08:42
by: jasoncampbell72
Biggest Deer I've Ever Gotten on a Cam
hey at least this deere is hangin at the edge of the bean field.. all the deer at my place hang way ...
10-19-2011 at 08:41
by: jasoncampbell72
Chasin Raxx
Chasin Raxx is good with me.. I've seen tons of Does and Fawn and my little 6 pointer buddy from ...
10-17-2011 at 07:09
by: jasoncampbell72
Won't be long now
[quote][i]Originally posted by BBD[/i]
And I thought you were going to say - "it won't be long now ...
10-14-2011 at 06:59
by: jasoncampbell72
Friday Funny
A young man married a beautiful woman who had previously divorced 10 husbands. On their wedding nigh ...
10-14-2011 at 06:56
by: jasoncampbell72
Finally Able to Hunt!
good luck and enjoy
10-14-2011 at 06:52
by: jasoncampbell72
Random Sunday Rant - Hunting Shows
ok so here's my thing.. it's sportsman's entertainment. Just like every other form of media there ...
10-14-2011 at 06:51
by: jasoncampbell72
Drug Store
A man walks into a drug store and asks the cashier if she can point him in the direction of the femi ...
10-5-2011 at 12:41
by: jasoncampbell72
Caught another hunter in my spot !
great pictures..

I'd be careful getting up in the stand.. he might be using yours for nap time ...
10-5-2011 at 12:35
by: jasoncampbell72
BBD's 2011 Journal
hey BBD

Congrats to the Family for making kills you were awfully nice putting them in the righ ...
10-5-2011 at 12:29
by: jasoncampbell72
Keep Your Eyes Peeled
[quote][i]Originally posted by monster4pt[/i]
ok, here ya go. i am a tad disapointed right now to s ...
10-3-2011 at 07:50
by: jasoncampbell72
Tool for the toolbox.
hey guys with Iphones please be aware that the scent cone is 180 degrees off..
10-1-2011 at 19:30
by: jasoncampbell72
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